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New Lackford Parish Council site

December 17, 2020

Going forward, all Lackford Parish Council news, meeting minutes and updates will be recorded and published via a new site at That site allows us to comply with all the current document storage requirements and regulations, and frees up this site for more community discussions and posts…


Fast Broadband in Lackford

April 18, 2014

Recent communications with the Business Development Specialist looking after the Suffolk Better Broadband Programme at Suffolk County Council has revealed some interesting potential progress regarding Lackford gaining more reliable, and hopefully faster broadband. 

What follows are a number of statements made in recent communications. We will all need to wait until July at the earliest to know for sure whether Lackford will receive fast broadband, and then it may take a further year or so for any upgrades to go ahead.

I personally think this is a positive sign. In the meantime, please do keep registering interest for fast broadband with your current supplier. Also, should your current broadband be lower than 1.5 – 2.0 Mbps then please do ask your supplier why. Many houses in our village get at least these speeds, so everyone else should also.


The Suffolk Better Broadband Programme

The Suffolk Better Broadband Programme has secured government funding (£11.68m) and SCC funding (£11.68m) to intervene in the broadband market in Suffolk.  Under existing commercial activity, BT and Virgin Media served around 60% of Suffolk premises with fiber broadband. However, there was no commercial appetite to serve the remaining 40% of Suffolk, which were the more dispersed areas which were harder to reach and hence represented a weaker case for investment.  We have used our funding to extend the fiber coverage from 60% up to around 90%, and also provide an underpinning commitment to provide at least 2Mbps to everyone by the end of 2015.

  • The roll-out programme is progressing extremely well.  We are currently at around 26,000 premises passed. This is ahead of target by around three months.
  • By Autumn 2015, we will have served 100,000 premises, giving a total coverage in Suffolk of 90% fibre, and an underpinning commitment that 100% will get at least 2Mbps.
  • Phase one is completed. Phase two is underway, and phase three will be surveyed in the coming few weeks.
  • Areas which have gone live are published via the email alerts, and the website is up to date showing the coverage information.
  • A newsletter is being developed which will be based around the previous newsletters but also include detailed coverage information for current and next quarters of deployment.
  • We have secured an offer of additional funding to push coverage from our current 90% fiber target up towards 95%. We are currently leading the process nationally to spend this funding.  Local match will be required.  We expect to announce additional coverage June / July.  We won’t stop seeking funding and raising our coverage targets until everyone in Suffolk has the connection they need.

What about Lackford

Lackford is served from a green street cabinet located on the junction of Old Bury Rd and the main Mildenhall Road.  At the moment, our funding did not stretch to include this cabinet in our roll-out plan.  That is to say that it is in the 10% of the county which is not subject to a fibre upgrade, but is absolutely subject to our minimum commitment of at least 2Mbps by September next year.

However, the better news is that we have now secured additional funding, with which we are seeking to add  additional fibre coverage to Suffolk, pushing fiber coverage across the county up to the mid nineties.  We hope that this will provide for an upgrade for the Lackford green cabinet, bringing fiber broadband and hence excellent coverage into the village.  In terms of timescales for this, we are aiming to sign a contract for the additional coverage in July this year.  At that point we will know for sure if and when we will get fiber to Lackford (and in doing so deliver something much better than 2Mbps!).

The extra coverage which Lackford requires should run in parallel with the end of the existing roll-out, and also continue into mid 2016, so we wont know for sure until July.

Faster broadband

June 5, 2013

As many of you may know, Suffolk County Council (SCC) and central government have funded the Better a Broadband for Suffolk Programme, contracting with BT to build a brand new super fast broadband network across the county. Once the programme is completed in 2015, 90% of Suffolk premises will be served by fibre optic based broadband (as opposed to the old copper lines we currently have), and the remaining 10% will have varying speeds between 2Mbps and 24Mbps.

Full details of the scheme can be found on their website at

According to their line check page it appears that Lackford should be getting faster broadband in the first part of 2014, although there are no specific details yet on exact timings or the actual speed we will get.

I would recommend everyone registers their interest on the website to show we are keen and to stay up to date with progress. It is also worth asking your current internet provider (ISP) about fibre broadband in Lackford and register your interest through them.

November 12, 2012

Lackford Ceilidh

April 30, 2012

The Lackford Ceilidh is back and will be staged on 30th June this year. The Ceilidh will be hosted at Bunkers Barn, Lackford, IP28 6HD where you will be able to dance to one of East Anglia’s premier ceilidh dance bands Skylarking. The band members of Skylarking have played for Lackford before as they used to be members of RSVP who gave us such pleasure at past events. Guests will be able to enjoy refreshments from Lackford’s favourite pop-up local pub “Bill’s Bar”. There will also be a good quality barbecue meal for all the guests (a free meal available by presenting your entrance ticket). Ample car parking will be available, although it’s a nice walk from the village or a bike ride away. Ticket Prices – Adults (over 16) £15 – Children (16 or under) £5.  Tickets are on sale for the event now using one of the following methods:

or contact the Lackford Community Council via

All profits from the event will be split 50/50 and donated to the Lackford Church and Focus on Africa charities (see below). Donations of Salads and Raffle Prizes welcome.

Focus on Africa

Focus on Africa is a small charity which raises money to improve the quality of life for people where we can in Kenya. Some of the money that was raised last year was used to install electricity into an orphanage, to install water into another and to replace a roof of a school which had been ripped off in storm damage. The charity also purchase school books and provide the occasional party for children. Each year, a team of 10/12 people from all walks of life go to Kenya to physically do the work or oversee work being done. Every penny raised is used in Kenya.

Lackford Church

The church of St Lawrence, Lackford is a fine old building but has a few problems in the tower which need attention. The church also has no toilet facilities or easily heated meeting space for the community, so we want to raise some money to provide these facilities.

If you feel you would like to help with these charities and at the same time have a fantastic evening out, then join us at the Lackford Ceilidh on 30th June.

Broadband survey

January 16, 2012

You may have noticed in the media that the Suffolk Better Broadband Programme is gathering pace, and we hope to start work on improving services with Suffolk in Autumn this year. Before we start work, we have to go through a public procurement process to select a provider to develop the Suffolk network.

In order to make this contract as attractive as possible to bidders, as well as to provide evidence to use as leverage during negotiations, we are asking households to register their demand for broadband. This will make our case as strong as possible. Not only will this aid the procurement process, but it will also inform us of where the areas of particular need exist across Suffolk.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and can be found at If you could use your channels to promote this as much as possible, it would be fantastic. Ideally we want to get the message to all households in all parishes, that their input via this survey will be critical to improving broadband in Suffolk.

We have also produced a hard copy of this survey. The idea here is that any willing volunteers can distribute and collect responses, catering for those who do not have access to the online version. In addition to these we plan to distribute hard copies via libraries, and brief library staff on the online process, to make it as accessible as possible to all.

Responses are really needed in time to inform our planning, which means to end of March is when we will need to start reviewing responses.

A lot of background information to the programme, including a summary of our plan, monthly newsletters, and a FAQ page also appears on

For additional information, please contact

Message from the Suffolk police

August 10, 2011

Suffolk Police is continuing to support the Metropolitan Police restore peace to the capital by sending further officers to London. A number will be travelling this afternoon and overnight to help arrest, identify or deter people from rioting and looting. Police would like to dispel fictitious and malicious rumours which are circulating, particularly on social networking sites about disorder on the streets of Suffolk.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Marshall said: “We would like to inform residents of Suffolk that there is no unrest here in the county. We understand how distressing these rumours must be to residents of Suffolk and can assure people there is no substance in them.” Despite the assistance being sent to London, Suffolk Police has a significant number of resources still on duty and a high-visibility presence will continue throughout the day and night to deter any disorder as well asoffering reassurance to residents who are worried by the events unfolding in the capital.

ACC Marshall added: “We are working hard to ensure the county remains safe and we have sufficient-trained police officers on duty to deal with any situation should it arise.”

Suffolk Police understands that business owners may be feeling concerned following the recent events in London and are subsequently issuing advice. Retailers should conduct regular checks outside their building for any suspicious activity, identify any areas of their property which are vulnerable to forced entry and ensure CCTV is fully-operational.

As a precautionary measure additional officers and PCSOs will patrolling main towns to provide high-visibility reassurance patrols. They will be visiting businesses, community venues and other places where people gather to engage with local people and provide advice and guidance.

Police in Suffolk are reiterating the words of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Tim Godwin and would urge parents to be aware of and ask their children where they are and who they are with.

If anyone has information about any possible disorder they can contact Suffolk Police on 01473 613745 or in an emergency call 999.


Please use the following link to pass any useful information to Suffolk Police about this incident.


Faster internet

August 8, 2011

Part of the governments latest strategy with BT and the Broadband Britain project is to connect the rural parts of the UK, the project BT21CN is being rolled out as we speak.  It may surprise many that there are only 6,000 business in the UK with over 250 employees but there are 4.8 million who employ less that 250. Due to the recent crisis the push has been to make smaller businesses more competitive etc etc and connectivity is seen as one of the top three priorities (I think it is probably easier than sorting out the banks).

So what has happened is that the government has forced BT to open up the ‘pole network’ to other providers such as VirginMedia – so Virgin Media can now use the BT poles to run fibre optic cables.. At last competition! This has forced BT to look at different areas because until recently VirginMedia etc had no way of getting to Lackford without digging up the trenches which of course is very expensive.  The bizarre part is that they are likely to contract the work to BT Openreach who deal with the physical

Also, there is a very large tender to deliver the fibre network using the existing underground cable routes.

The reason that the project may head our way quicker is because of the competition and the ‘funding’ provided by government or in crude terms if BT don’t do it then they will be forced to open it up even more.

In addition the switching equipment in the exchange would be upgraded, so with all the advances in contention ratio technology Lackford would get better use of the available bandwidth.

The cabling between the exchange and the village is also very old and easily affected by bad weather, I am sure everyone in Lackford has noticed this after a storm.

So how do we get the faster speeds?

  1. Visit the BT website at and register your interest. Even if you have done this before – do it again.
  2. Contact your current internet service provider (ISP) and ask them how you get faster internet
  3. Tell friends and neighbors in Lackford or connected to the Culford exchange) to register and contact their ISP – spread the word.

If you work from home, even if it is occasional, then make sure you tell your ISP and BT that your livelyhood depends on your internet connection.

(thanks to AStevens for the information)

Barn dance on July 16th

June 15, 2011

There will be a Barn Dance from 8pm to 11pm on Saturday 16 July at Bunkers Barn, which is on the road from Lackford to Cavenham. The evening will start and end with a Disco from 7pm to 8pm and then again 11 pm till midnight.

Funds raised will go towards a charity which supports orphans in Kenya – Focus on Africa – and Lackford Church.

Ticket Price is £20 [£10 for under 18’s] which includes food – there will be a licensed bar, raffle and various fun things.

For ticket sales, please contact Gill on 07971 846808 or via email at

Spread the word this Christmas…

December 22, 2008

We need everyone in the village to know about the blog and the “all” email list.   So when you meet with your neighbours for a glass of mulled turkey this Christmas and New Year can you please remember to ask them if they know about ““.

It’s easy to access the blog:

And anyone can sign up to the email list by visiting “” in your browser.

Happy Christmas.


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