Lackford Parish Council Accounts 2019/2020


Notice of_provision_for_the_exercise_of_public_rights_2019-20_-_exempt_authorities_

Summary of Your Rights 2019-20

AGAR 2019-20 LPC 001

LPC Financial Statement 19_20 001 pdf

Bank Reconciliation Statement As at 31 March 2020 001

Explanation of Significant Variances 19_20 001 pdf

Reconciliation between Box 7_8 AGAR 2019-2020

Asset Register – 2019_20

Lackford Internal Audit Report 2019_20 (Mijan Ltd)

In compliance with the obligations for Lackford Parish Council under the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities, we now publish the following information on the Lackford Website/Blog:

  1. “Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return”.
  2. “A Summary of Your Rights”
  3. “Certificate of Exemption”
  4. “Section 1 Annual Governance Statement”
  5. “Section 2 Accounting Statements” (Note: the Statement is unaudited and subject to change.)
  6. “Bank Reconciliation and Financial Statement”
  7. “Explanation of any significant variances from last year to this”
  8. “Annual Internal Audit Report”

All items of expenditure are published in the Agendas and Minutes of the Council.  These are published prior to and following Council meetings in compliance with the Code.

Vicky Bright, CiLCA

Clerk & RFO to Lackford Parish Council

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