Faster broadband


As many of you may know, Suffolk County Council (SCC) and central government have funded the Better a Broadband for Suffolk Programme, contracting with BT to build a brand new super fast broadband network across the county. Once the programme is completed in 2015, 90% of Suffolk premises will be served by fibre optic based broadband (as opposed to the old copper lines we currently have), and the remaining 10% will have varying speeds between 2Mbps and 24Mbps.

Full details of the scheme can be found on their website at

According to their line check page it appears that Lackford should be getting faster broadband in the first part of 2014, although there are no specific details yet on exact timings or the actual speed we will get.

I would recommend everyone registers their interest on the website to show we are keen and to stay up to date with progress. It is also worth asking your current internet provider (ISP) about fibre broadband in Lackford and register your interest through them.

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