Faster internet


Part of the governments latest strategy with BT and the Broadband Britain project is to connect the rural parts of the UK, the project BT21CN is being rolled out as we speak.  It may surprise many that there are only 6,000 business in the UK with over 250 employees but there are 4.8 million who employ less that 250. Due to the recent crisis the push has been to make smaller businesses more competitive etc etc and connectivity is seen as one of the top three priorities (I think it is probably easier than sorting out the banks).

So what has happened is that the government has forced BT to open up the ‘pole network’ to other providers such as VirginMedia – so Virgin Media can now use the BT poles to run fibre optic cables.. At last competition! This has forced BT to look at different areas because until recently VirginMedia etc had no way of getting to Lackford without digging up the trenches which of course is very expensive.  The bizarre part is that they are likely to contract the work to BT Openreach who deal with the physical

Also, there is a very large tender to deliver the fibre network using the existing underground cable routes.

The reason that the project may head our way quicker is because of the competition and the ‘funding’ provided by government or in crude terms if BT don’t do it then they will be forced to open it up even more.

In addition the switching equipment in the exchange would be upgraded, so with all the advances in contention ratio technology Lackford would get better use of the available bandwidth.

The cabling between the exchange and the village is also very old and easily affected by bad weather, I am sure everyone in Lackford has noticed this after a storm.

So how do we get the faster speeds?

  1. Visit the BT website at and register your interest. Even if you have done this before – do it again.
  2. Contact your current internet service provider (ISP) and ask them how you get faster internet
  3. Tell friends and neighbors in Lackford or connected to the Culford exchange) to register and contact their ISP – spread the word.

If you work from home, even if it is occasional, then make sure you tell your ISP and BT that your livelyhood depends on your internet connection.

(thanks to AStevens for the information)

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