Help Lackford get faster internet


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The regional development agency EEDA is coordinating a campaign to get faster broadband for East Anglia.   The campaign is called EREBUS.

As you may know, the Government has proposed a levy on all phone users to pay for the upgrading of Broadband.  Although everyone will pay, there is no guarantee that everyone will benefit, and it is possible that the main beneficiaries will be people who will get their existing FAST connections upgraded to ULTRAFAST because they live in places where it is relatively cheap and easy to do so.  To get our SLOW connections upgraded (even to FAST!) we need to demonstrate that there is demand.  The EREBUS project is about creating a register of people who want (need!) a better Broadband connection.

Please register at the EREBUS website  As a minimum you need to enter your name, email and postcode.  Multiple users at any address can register.  If you wish, you can add a reason for wanting faster Broadband such as:

(Home user) I would like faster broadband to provide me with more responsive surfing of the internet.  It would also me to use iPlayer – and other video download services – which is currently almost impossible.  Furthermore Audio download times would be reduced to a more acceptable level.

(Business user) I would like faster broadband to allow me to upload and download large datafiles attached to email messages more quickly and reliably.  It would also me to search and download from the internet essential information that is relevant to my business much more quickly.

(For reference, standard definition video streaming for things like the BBC iPlayer, 4OD or Sky Player require about a 2Mb connection for decent quality that does not stutter. The same goes for many of the new internet learning services. The new XBox 360 Zune High Definition video service requires at least a 4Mb internet connection to work. Other high definition services being trialed need even more. By chosing to live outside of a big city we are being prevented from using many of these new services. Please reply to this message and tell us what speed you get today (you can check your speed at or Also reply and let us know that you have registered. Added by Bov)

Please use, or customise, these quotes to suit your requirements.  Do register on EREBUS – it may help us to get the Broadband service that we need.

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