Lackford Fireworks 2008


Once again Lackford will be hosting a “bring a firework” party on Saturday 8th November. The Gough family has been kind enough to allow us to use part of their land to the right of Lackford Lane. This is not the triangular field that we have used in the past, but an adjacent piece of land.  Fireworks and bonfire will be lit at 18:00 onwards.  Please note that this is a “private party” open to everyone in the village, and their family and friends.  It is not open to the public at large.

You can help in several ways:

· Donation of one or two large aerial fireworks by 7th Nov to 10 Old Bury Road

· Preparing some food or drink to share – please contact Francesca Ober

· Making a donation towards the cost of organising the event, on the night

· Collecting fuel and building the bonfire on Nov 8th.  Bonfire building will start at 10:00 (if you can help please meet at the Old Bury Road bus stop)

If anyone has material for the bonfire that they would like collected, drop me an email at


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